This Workshop aims to review and rethinking current technologies, foundations and new approaches for getting a step forward beyond the current "underwater intervention systems" state of the art. To this aim, a group of well-known researchers, with complimentary expertise, will explain and discuss the last results from different knowledge areas needed to progress towards this aforementioned long term objective.
The development of a new kind of I-AUVs, able to work autonomously, alone or in a cooperative way, opens the door to face the multi-purpose underwater intervention problem, with potential applications not only in the offshore and nuclear industries, but also in archeology, oceanography or search and rescue missions, among other purposes.

At the end of the workshop, an open discussion will be guided by organizers in order to identify new synergies and bridging the gaps between current developments and the cutting age technology needed for the future intervention systems, promoting also new collaborations by sharing data, experimental setup, environment, and ideas.